6 Simple Foods Every Nigerian Woman Must Know How To Prepare.

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In Nigeria, certain things are expected of women. When it comes to the affairs of the home, the society looks up to them. After all, they are the home keepers.

Similarly, every girl child is trained to assume these roles and responsibilities once they are of age. It is more or less a taboo for a Nigerian woman not to be able to cook; it is a serious matter which the society frowns at.

Many homes have become broken due to the woman’s inability to cook and make decent meals; some ladies have been sent back to their parents’ houses so they could learn how to cook. A woman is considered ripe for marriage not only when she is of age but when she has developed attributes and skills that would help her manage the new home she would be starting.

Although we do not share the thought that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, we believe in equity. The husband and wife are expected to grow with each other and complement each other. Their union could be more fun if they could learn new things together.

However, a Nigerian woman is expected to know how to cook some foods. Find below some of the foods she is expected to know how to make:

1. Rice

This is one of the simplest foods we have in Nigeria; it is shocking that some women cannot make this simple meal while married. A woman who cannot boil rice would definitely mess up when it comes to cooking jollof or fried rice.

Some parents do not help matters too; they spoil their children by having everything done for them. A typical Nigerian who does not know how to make this food will definitely have issues making other foods that have series of processes.

2. Eba

This is another simple meal that could be made within a very short period of time; a Nigerian woman that is considered eligible for marriage must no doubt be able to make this meal.

It would shock you that some women cannot make this meal at all, you can be sure that if they attempt putting water on fire, it would not boil. Some make this meal in such a way that you could play ball with it.

3. Yam

This is one of the food items that is presented when a man is paying a woman’s bride price. A Nigerian woman who cannot boil yam to an edible status would definitely not be able to pound yam.

Some ladies depend on eateries and their parents when it comes to food when they are married. We have heard tales of ladies who are constantly supplied vegetables and soups in their matrimonial homes because they cannot prepare them.

4. Beans and bean products

Most of the foods we eat in Nigeria are basically carbohydrates. Eating beans supplies us with the protein; a woman is expected to know how to make this food and also combine it with other meals like rice.

There are other meals that could be made using beans and a woman who is eligible for marriage is expected to know how to prepare these other meals.

5. Vegetables and stews

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A woman who is getting married should know how to make delicious meals to keep her man; if she cannot cook him great meals, he would get swayed by other women who can. There are some vegetables that are indigenous to Nigeria.

Depending on what part of the country the woman hails from, she is expected to know how to cook two or more of these vegetables. Learning how to make Eba is not enough; the man would not eat the Eba with only water. Also, she should be able to make stews that would be used to eat other foods.

6. Other meals

There are several other foods eaten by Nigerians, a woman is expected to know how to prepare the foods that are eaten by the people of her tribe and perhaps, some of the varieties of foods eaten by her fiancé.

The above food types cut across the tribes in Nigeria. It takes much more than making these foods to keep a man and build a home. Even women who are great cooks go out of their ways to learn how to make other meals.
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