Here is a faster and more efficient way of peeling beans.

What you need:

- Beans

- A blender

How to:

1. Soak the beans in water for some till the skin is soft enough to come off easily when you rub it between your fingers. Note that the type of beans you are using will determine how long it stays in water. Some species of beans have tougher skins than others.

2. Put a small quantity of beans in the blender and cover with water twice the level of beans.

3. Press the Turbo/Pulse button on your blender for one second, release it, press it for one second, release it again.

4. Repeat this several times; enough to peel the beans without actually blending it.

5. Pour out the peeled beans into a bowl.

6. Put more soaked beans into the blender and repeat steps 2 to 5 till you've peeled the skin off all the soaked beans.

7. Pour all the peeled beans into a big bowl and cover with a lot of water, enough to let the peeled skin float to the top. Then pour out the water (with the soaked skin).

8. Add more water and repeat step 7 till all the peeled skin is separated from the beans.
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