[NYSC] 7 TYPES OF CORP MEMBERS DURING CDS (Community Developmental Service) MEETING.

During the weekly CDS (Community Development Service) meeting, there are various types of corp members that either makes the CDS meeting boring or interesting. Below are the 7 types of corpers that make these possible.

1. THE GENTLE ONES: These categories of corp members always have a particular place to sit down during the meeting; they are gentle to the extent that they can almost not contribute to anything throughout service year. That’s how gentle they can be. These set of people don’t like to cause trouble, they keep to their time, and some of them could be gentle because that’s their nature, while others could be gentle because their mind was never there. These set of corpers go to churches like deeper life and the likes. Hardly will they be noticed during the meeting and hardly will you know their names because they never talk or seemed interested in the talks.
2. THE CLEAN ONES: These set of corp members are so clean that they can even clean the chair with two (2) different handkerchiefs before they sit down. They are always mindful of their white cloth (tops), be it “Legend, BYC, LUX and the rest”, even white wer no get name, at least white nah white, so far the thing clean. These people always stand out from other corp members because of how white their white is and how well ironed their kaki is. They are easily noticed because of how clean they are and not because they wished to be noticed, they maintain their kaki like it’s their own personal CDS project. When you see them “you go con dey wonder say no be the same time NYSC been give us these kaki”. I respect these set of people, ‘cause cleanliness they say is next to Godliness, also the way you dress is the way you will be addressed.
3. THE EARLY COMERS: These particular set of corpers are known for their early coming, these are people like the CLO (Corpers Liaising Officer), the Assistant CLO, Financial secretary, the General Secretary and the likes. Although they hold a great post, this doesn’t get to their heads since they just have to lead by example. There are other corp members that comes early aside those holding some post; they are always at the venue of meeting 30 minutes before CDS time. When they get there, they either clean the venue or sit down to listen to music, chat or read novels before the meeting starts proper. These set of corpers never have issues with attendance, signing of PV (Payment Voucher) and the likes because they are always on time or even before the stipulated time.
4. THE LATE COMERS: These corpers are the direct opposite of the early comers. They come to the meeting an hour after commencement or 30 minutes after. Then you see them bouncing in with their jungle boots or white tennis “some have actually turned brown” when they clearly know that no top officials like the LGI (Local Government Inspector) or Assistant LGI is around for the meeting, but once they know these officials are around, you will see them rushing into the meeting, ending up disturbing with their noisy entrance. These corpers are always getting into trouble with the officials, they give excuses like “I was waiting for my kaki to be ironed, I was not feeling fine, I just went to urinate, and my jungle boot got stolen so I went to report the case to the police” LOL, etc. All sort of barbaric lies, they can form articles on late coming and they are always good at lying. Just like the saying, late comers are lie tellers. {Komolafe Daniel 2016}
5. THE STUBBORN ONES: Corp members in this category either studied Law, Political science or any Political related courses; they attack almost all suggestions without giving their own contributions. They speak BIG BIG grammar just to cause pandemonium and fright amongst we that know just little English words like go, come and the likes. When these set of corp members’ stand up to address a situation or give suggestions to matters arising, nah dat tim the whole crowned go com dey shout “hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, e don come again”. They are the ones that always extend the CDS meeting with their long talks and tackles. They always love to sit at the back or at the middle so they can easily be noticed when they start elaborating a point. Some of them are actually funny while some are extremely boring. They are fond of giving ideas like “no!!! Why can’t we give everyone puff puff, instead of meat pie or get purpo calculator instead of Casio”. They are good economist and sometimes I refer them as being stingy people.
6. THE TALKATIVES: these set of corp members have some similar characteristics with the stubborn corpers. They also studied Law and any political related courses. They are always the ones to either move the motion for the adjournment of the meeting or second it. They always have an idea on every and any contributions given by fellow corp members; they are always caught making side talks and borrowing one thing or the other when CDS meeting is on. When giving contributions, sometimes they talk off points and sometimes you just can’t fathom if it’s the same person that gave such contribution. They can also be annoying and time wasting also.
7. THE FUNNY ONES: I think I belong to these set of corp members, they are always funny to the call, right from their appearances. They are generous and fun to be with. When they rise up their hands to give contributions, fellow corpers start to laugh even before they talk, because they know what will proceed out of their month. They give suggestions like “can’t we just buy a limousine for the Oba! Abeg, nah with which money? Definitely not with my own #19,800 ” they always liven the CDS meetings with their unthinkable suggestions. They are fun to sit with ‘cause they will surely end up making your day fruitful.   
 The list ends here and if you have your own list you can just comment below let’s know.
[NYSC] 7 TYPES OF CORP MEMBERS DURING CDS (Community Developmental Service) MEETING. [NYSC] 7 TYPES OF CORP MEMBERS DURING CDS (Community Developmental Service) MEETING. Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 18:41:00 Rating: 5
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