[Fraud Alert] GT ank *737# Is Very Risky. READ HOW

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 Guys, if you have substantial funds in your GTB savings account and an active ATM card, you could fall victim to fraud through *737#. I fell victim to these fraudsters just because I have a savings account at GTB, ATM card and a telephone number registered when my account was opened at LASU branch.

*I'm writing this for the guys at GTB's R & D to take note and secure this convenient SMS banking

*and for the TELECOM providers to sit up and really protect their customers.

* for this fraud to occur all it takes are two vital contacts - a low level staffer at a the bank and a staff at telecom company with a login access and a laptop. And of course a new SIM card and a target victim.

It all started on the night of 26 Nov 2016 at 9.30pm.
I have an account number 021xxx xxx6 with Guaranty Trust Bank(GTB), and a registered telephone number 0818xxxxxxx with Etisalat. This telephone number is linked to my GTB account, and open for SMS banking by default.

On November 26, 2016 , at 9.36pm, my telephone lost network access. I thought it was the usual brief network loss due to power outage. But it wasn't. My number had been swapped to another SIM by an unknown person through the platform of Etisalat. For this swap to occur at this hour of the day, this fraudster must have a person working at one of Etisalat's experience center with login access to Etisalat Servers.

I presume at this point the fraudster has gotten my 16 digits ATM card number through a staff in the bank. I am really suspecting one cashier at ALABA branch; because this fraud occurred on my account after I did a few bulk transactions at the bank.

My phone number was swap to another SIM. I was denied network access. I could neither call nor receive calls and SMS. The telephone number swap resulted in someone using my telephone to illegally withdraw money from my GTB account.

The unauthorized withdrawal from above account started on Saturday 26/11/2016:

1. On 26/11/2016 9.38pm, 30,000naira was transferred to GTB impersonal ledgers account by an unauthorized person through E-Channel (*737#) SMS banking platform.

2. on 27/11/2016 12.34am (around midnight) another 30,000naira was transferred to GTB impersonal ledgers through E-Channel (*737#) SMS banking platform.

3. on 27/11/2016 1.04am (around midnight) 200,000naira was transferred to OYERINDE ABIODUN J -account domiciled at Union Bank Plc through E-Channel (*737#) SMS banking platform.

4. for all above unauthorized withdrawal, GTB subsequently charged and deducted from my account a total of 215 naira as taxes and commissions.

I was able to halt this fraudulent withdrawal on my account by rushing to one of the experience center at Ikeja Shoprite. It was at this Etisalat Experience center that a good lad noticed that someone had swapped my number. He helped me recover my number. But before then the damage had been done. They have nicked 260,000 from my account at this hard times.

I called GTB to cancel my ATM, any other feature or services that's outside in-bank transactions. No more sharp sharp transfer! No more recharging through direct debit from my account. I'm back to buying recharge cards and walking into bank for all my transactions... It's tough but I 'm better safe than sorry.

Just you know how vulnerable this platform(*737#) is, it does NOT require a PIN number to execute a transaction. All that is required is the last four numbers of a victim's ATM card. With this ATM card number, the fraudster can withdraw a maximum of 200,000. That's not all. GTB has another service called GTRescue. If you are in need of quick cash, you can actually exceed that 200,000 daily limit by using GTRescue to withdraw 30,000 cash at an ATM. You see how risky this is? VERY RISKY!

But then my question is how can reputable bank like GTB and ETISALAT not know thus platform is open to fraud? I have googled and read some "angry" reports about customers being ripped off by fraudsters with access to customers ATM card number.

How can the legal guys at the bank just fold alms? Why can't they inform the money managers that having such a platform that exposes customers to frauds makes them culpable before the law?

I have never used my ATM in Nigeria. In fact I don't use ATM. My ATM is tucked away in my safe.

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