[How to] Surviving the harmattan this holiday by Kangpe healthcare

In this part of Africa, the incoming harmattan winds usher in the Christmas season. Staying healthy in this characteristically dry, dusty and cold weather has become a challenge for some.
During the harmattan period, some common health issues include cold, dry skin, cracked lips, sneezing and running nose.
Below are some tips to avoid common health issues this season:

1. Moisturize: Skin moisturizers are a must during the harmattan season. They increase the skin's water content by reducing evaporation.
Skin moisturizers are designed to make the external layers of the skin softer and flexible. Keeping your skin soft and flexible helps prevents skin cracks.

2: Increase your fluid intake: It is important you increase your intake of fluids and succulent fruits like watermelons. Staying hydrated help the body function optimally, it keeps the skin refreshed and glowing.

3. Protect your nose: For some people, the seasonal catarrh has become a yearly tradition for them. This is mainly caused by the dusty winds that characterize this period; they are a major health risk that could ruin the festive period for you.
Avoid dusty environments and ensure your nose is protected whenever you are out. During extreme periods some home make use of humidifiers to increase humidity and counter dust.

3. Use lip balms: Preventing dry scaly and cracking lips is essential this season. Keep your lips soft and crack-free by always applying lip balm

4. Warm Clothes: When dressing up, wear clothes that ensure you are warm and protected from health issues that arise from the cold. It is usually cold in the mornings, hot in the afternoons and cold at night. When choosing clothes, pick wears that give you flexibility. Make sure you are always properly covered up when going out

5. Vitamin C: While it’s better not to be deficient in essential minerals and vitamins. A regular dose of vitamin C is your best guard against flu and common cold attacks.
Ensure your diet contains vitamin C rich oranges, guavas, peppers, melons and tomatoes.
Consume fruits, vegetables, and supplements rich in vitamin C to reduce your odds of visiting the doctor this season.

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