[A MUST READ] Our Own Federal Civil Service - By Abimboye Femi

Hardly can we talk of our federal system of government without deeming it fit to mention the active players in this field. From all ethnicity and religion, people of different caliber and works of life have banded together to either move this nation forward or the other way.

In today's Nigeria, an average civil servant is a businessman or woman who alongside his or her federal appointment has inexplicably turned both office and home into a shop. Can you blame them?
Since the civil service has abandoned merit and reward system for integrity and hard work and has decided to put on the gown of religion and ethnicity as bases for employment.

Times without number all sorts of accusations and counter-accusations have dodge this hearth of the federal government, be that as it may, good or bad, our federal civil service is here to stay, so either we learn to appreciate it for its good or we continue to jeer on the evils it may have become known for.

Unfortunately for us, the end-product of this has been catastrophic and continuous failure recorded by the service.

Consequently, the principles of legality, independence, professionalism and integrity coupled with loyalty and service has been transformed into nepotism, truancy and a lack lustre attitude to work.

This must have compelled the head of service of the federation, Winifred oyo-ita who became head of the service at an era of 'change' having been appointed by the Muhammadu Buhari led government, to unveil four cardinal objectives launched by the amiable vice president Yemi Osibajo.

These objectives;

* Develop and institutionalize an efficient, productive, incorruptible and citizen-centered culture in the service (epic);

* Design and implement an enterprise content management system (emc);

* Develop entrepreneurial culture and commercial orientation in the service;

* Improve welfare and benefit packages for civil servants.

These goals which highlights the basic need to reposition the civil service into an accountable institution where the problems berating it are not totally eliminated but reduced to the barest minimum.

In the VP's words, "the power to do great good or evil lies with civil servants".
All we need is a paradigm shift from what has become our "norm" of thinking to the "selfless service" our forefathers rendered to this great nation.
Written by : Abimboye Femi
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