[A MUST READ] Things You Must Change In Your Life If You Want To Be Rich And Successful In Life

Hi guys in today's post i want to talk about things you must change if you want to be successful, rich and famous in life. if those things are not change or put in proper way, you will never experience high level of success in anything in life.
You may get what you want by chance or by luck, if those things are not change you can lost what you have. As i read and study, this things are what i have discovered and as i begin to put them in the right place, my life begin to move from one level of glory to another.
That is why i want to show them to you so that you can know them and change them and walk with them in your life to live a successful life.

1. Your Consciousness:
Consciousness is something you are aware of, something you know you and is always on your thought. What you are conscious of is what manifest in your life. If you are conscious of lack, want, i don't have, that will bring poverty to you. The same thing apply when you are conscious of riches, prosperity and have more, that will bring wealth and keep you having more in your life.
When you see that you only see yourself not meeting your demand, know that you need to change your consciousness by seeing yourself having more, prosperous and wealthy. So know what you are conscious of and change it to the one you want in your life.

2. Your mindset:
Your mindset is something you have set your mind onto. Something you keep your mind on. Something you have accepted within you. If you made up your mind on i don't have, there is no way for me and i can't move forward, you will see yourself struggling to move forward and achieve things in your life. Your mind is very powerful, it can create anything for you and also destroy anything in your life.
What you set your mind onto is what you see in your life. Remember your mindset also determine you success, prosperity and progress in your life. So set your mind on what you want to happen in your life like success, wealth, prosperity and progress.

3. Your mental capacity: Your mentality have a lot of effect in your life. The mental capacity you have is the amount of what you will manifest in your life. If your mental capacity is weigh at #100,000, that is what will keep manifesting in your life.
When you try to go higher than that, you will see yourself struggling. So what you need to do is to first build up your mental capacity to the level you want by using your imagination and affirmation. So build up your mental capacity to change your mentality and to change your world.

4. Your focus: Focus is very important thing you must have attention to because it also determine the outcome of the result you get in any thing. If you set a goal and you always see failure and focus on that failure, certainly that is what you will get in the result.
The same also apply with success. So in anything you are doing always chose to focus your mind and attention on success, wealth and prosperity.

5. What you think: Your thinking have a lot of effect in your life. It can bring good things to you or bring bad things to you. It can repel good things from or attract good things to you.
What you think most will always appear in your world. If you are the one that always have the thought of thinking negative things like death, failure, lack, certainly those will manifest themselves in your world effortlessly without you knowing how they happen. You may how can what i think most appear in my world and affect my life, the answer is simple. When a thought come to you, be it good or bad.
You receive it and start thinking of it and keep thinking of it, your subconscious mind (your spirit man) will accept it. Because it see that, that is what you want answer to or want to manifest in your world. It begin to search for situation that will bring that thing you are thinking into your life.
In a very short period of time you will see it manifest in your world. So begin to think positive things in your mind and whenever a negative thought come to you. Quickly replace it with positive.

6. The words you speak: The words from your mouth are very powerful. It can create, shape and destroy things in your life. When you are always saying to yourself i don't have this, i can't do this, this is beyond me, you limiting the faith and power that is in you. And when your subconscious mind accept it, you will begin to speak that way, behave that way and also it will manifest that into your life.
Note this, there is nothing impossible with man. Since all things are possible to God and God is your back up, then all things are also possible with you. When you are in a situation the words you speak is what will determine if you will remain in that situation or not. So begin from now to speak the right words from your mouth. Even though there is nothing to show in your life, keep saying the right words to yourself and never doubt yourself.

These are the things you must change in your life if you want to be successful, great and prosperous. If you check what i have listed above, you will see that they have a lot of effect in our life. So begin from now to change whatever you need to change for you to live a successful life.

Dear friends you don't have to die in sin, someone has already pay for it and God is not counting your sin against you. Today He is telling to come and accept what He has done for you so that you can live a successful and a victorious life.
So say this short prayer:
Lord God, i believe with all my heart in Jesus Christ, son of the living God. I believe He died for me and God raised Him from the dead. I believe He is alive today. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life from this day. Through Him and in His Name, i have eternal life, I'm born again. Thank you Lord, for saving my soul, i am now a Child of God. Amen

Keep soaring high. Your comments are welcomed !!

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