TO ALL THE PARENTS - Letter To Our African Parents, From A Concerned Child.


This is for the parent. Especially the African ones.

Dear parents,

To some extent, I think our parents have a hand in the twisting the future of most Nigerian (African) child. Every parent want their children to read and become well known successful Engineers, Medical Doctors and all those big big professions that I can't even spell.

All those plans you have for us are good, but there are a lot of things you have to consider first.
Consider the talents of the child, the environment, the likes and the interest in which that child is focusing on. Don't just wake up one morning and force schooling into the life of a child, when clearly, he / she loves to play football,  basketball, lawn tennis or has any other talent . I'm not saying education isn't cool oooo!!. Don't get me wrong, what am saying is when you see a child having interest in a particular sport or circle, instead of you to encourage that child in that field, most of you end up discouraging them. And this always have a set back on the child's future.

Let me sight an example, most of you don't know this about me. When I was little, I loved playing soccer a lot, my dad hated seeing me playing with football, he flogs the hell out of Me when ever he meets me on the pitch playing.

And then, I was so good that people were willing to train me for free, but he never saw this. All he wanted was that his boy should go to school and become a successful engineer. To cut the long story short, I went to school and came out as a physics graduate. Now, what brings money in isn't even the physics I read but what I had flare for during life in school. Now, am a graphics designer and also a web developer that loves blogging, despite all my years in studying physics, I still had another area of like which was computer science.

Now, What if I never had flare for computer science, I will just go to school, come out with a certificate in Engineering, and then what next?
I'm so sure that if I had continued in football, I would have been in the Nigerian under 23 or playing for one of these European leagues, that was how good I was.

Thanks to my parents though, they supported me strongly through out school days, of which I am highly grateful for and now it's time to give back even with the skill school didn't teach me but what I developed interest in during school days .

The world's best Female tennis players the Williams sisters started playing with rackets when they were less than 3 years, when their dad saw how they were interested in playing with these rackets every time, he took it upon himself to teach them. Now look at where they are.

Messi is one of the greatest footballer the world will ever know, go read about him, how he got to Where he is today.

Dr SID is one of the top successful musicians in Nigeria, his dad sent him abroad to go study Medicine, but guess what, he came back as a musician. His dad was initially angry with him, but when he heard the list of great songs his son released, he then realized that he was even the one that was wrong.

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Just imagine if all these people where forced to accepting education.

So parents, we really appreciate all your efforts in bringing us up, but when you see us having interest for something, don't discourage us, build us in that area and see how rapid success will come.
The present government don't give a damn about the educational sector of Nigeria, so parents please let's stop all these act of forcing a child to becoming what you feel is right for you and not for the child.

Please give this a deep thought.

# I dedicate this article to all the innocent children whom have diverted from their passion to what their parent wanted for them.
I wrote an article on MESSAGE TO THE NIGERIAN YOUTHS, you can Google it or check
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