A True Life Story - I Deeply Regret Telling Him How I Feel About Him, Please Advice

Hi, please kindly keep me anonymous for reasons best known to me. Straight to why I sent in this short story of mine…

I’ve been single for over a year now, all the guys that came my way couldn’t even try to win my heart. I have met different guys, from rich, broke, cute, random, tall and so on. None just caught my attention. Well, I suddenly met this guy through a very close friend of mine.

He came my way and appeared irresistible to me, I got so fond of him, it was barely up to a week, he told me how he felt about me and for some reasons, I got attached to him as well. So I just had to open up my heart to him.

It’s been a long while experiencing love, so please don’t blame me for opening up to him so fast. Who wouldn’t do that though?  Now, my only problem is I love this dude like crazy. He speaks my love language so well and it makes me just love him more.

That is not really the problem though. The issue is since I decided to tell him how much I love him and how I can’t survive without him. He gradually reduced the way he calls, sends text and the gifts. He hardly calls even when he does, it’s more or less like a forced conversation. He is always in the middle of something each time we have to talk.

Truth is, I’ve really been shattered because it looks like I’m the only one trying to make this thing work. Just recently, I noticed he was a bit off and the conversation was not smooth. So I decided to call him and trash things out, well during the conversation, he made a statement that broke me apart.

He said he has too much on his head and I shouldn’t even compile his problems. Honestly, I started thinking of many things. Did we rush things, was I too fast to tell him how I feel about him, should I just give him little time? At the moment, another guy is bet on getting married to me, but I’m still deeply in love with this guy. I really need your help.  Should I still keep waiting or just goo for the new guy?

This is a true life story from one of our readers, feel free to send in yours.