How To Know That Your Partner Is Immature For A Relationship

At times it take a while to realise that the person you are dating is immature or childish but when you realise it, no matter how much you love them, you just don’t see a happy future together; because of their immaturity you’ve got to apologise to them or please them every time they gets upset and confines to themselves to a corner like a toddler who doesn’t get his/her favourite toy.

Below are signs you are dating an immature person.

He/she loves the blame game: “Every time there is a problem, they are ready to pass the buck on someone else, “I didn’t do it” is their standard response all the time”.

They are not ready to share your sorrows: “It seems like too much of load for them, they are happy to be around you when you are cheerful or when they need some support but they just can’t be there for you emotionally because they lack the skill”.

They love revenge: “So there might be an instance when you did something to hurt their feelings they will do it back to you to make you feel guilty and compare”.

They get angry on the stupidest of things: “If you don’t turn up on time, they just walk off, if you order something that they are not fond of, they sulk and they even get irritated if you check your phone for work related things when with them”.

They need all your attention: “He/she can’t share you even with your siblings or family, let alone friends; they want all your time and if you fail to be close to them when with friends or in public, they won’t shy away from picking up a fight out of this episode”.

“For them, any argument is a fight, they don’t categorise discussions in disagreements, difference of opinion or arguments; it is always a fight and you are blamed for picking it up or instigating it and it is always your fault for everything that goes wrong”.
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