Prisoners Return Back To Jail After Breaking Out To See Their Girlfriends And Smoke Weed

Two prisoners had to break out of jail to visit their girlfriends and smoke weed – before returning back to the jail. Harley Davidson and Rakem Lennox broke out from the prison for some hours after coming up with a plan to get out.

The inmates waited for prison guards to leave the area near the room they shared before secretly sneaking into a different part of the jail.

There, they stole the laundry room key and made their escape – at around 10.30pm.

The pair headed to visit their girlfriends and smoke weed – before arriving back at jail a few hours later in time for ‘lights out’.

They had each been locked up for drug possession but it is believed they might now be facing additional charges

The incident happened in the town of Choctaw in Hugo, Oklahoma in the U.S. on Wednesday night