These Are The Major Causes Of Erection Problems In Men

It is expected for every man to get hard when they want to have a good time with their partner but sometimes some men cannot get or keep an er3ction that is firm enough for them to have s3x with their partners and so many things can be the cause of this.

Here are some major causes of er3ction problems in men.

Depression: “Depression causes er3ction problems because sexual excitement starts in your head and works its way down; when you are depressed, your desire for s3x is affected and this can lead to er3ction problems”.

Anxiety: “Anxiety is another cause of er3ction problems, the more you worry, the more your performance in the bedroom is affected”.

Anger: “If you have anger issues, you might need to work on it because anger can also affect your performance in the bedroom, unexpressed or improperly expressed anger can contribute to performance problems in the bedroom and it’s important you manage your anger properly so it doesn’t affect your performance in the bedroom”.

Alcohol: “It’s common for most men to take a few drinks before a session in the bedroom but consuming too much alcohol can also affect your performance in the bedroom so ensure you don’t consume too much alcohol”.

Stress: “Every man needs to work hard to earn more so he can take care of his needs and that of his family but working too much can lead to stress which is another cause of erection problems in a man so ensure you get enough sleep, exercise regularly and relax when necessary to avoid stress”.

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