Ladies: How To Give Your Man The HOTTEST BlOwjob Of His Life

Many relationships suffer because one partner is not being pleased in the bedroom, one thing most ladies don’t realise is that it takes more than just good s3x to keep a man’s attention from straying away from you.

 “Yes, there is that age old cliche, that says “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” but I am here to tell you today that it is not totally true because at times the way to a man’s heart, money, cars and that coveted ENGAGEMENT RING, is through his “Love Tool”.

Ladies, it is very plain and simple, you must suck his D!ck like you have leukaemia and his sp3rm is the cure for Cancer!, but for fear of being labeled a hoe many ladies still avoid giving their man that desired bl0wjob.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should give every Tom and Harry a bl0wjow but if you are in a committed relationship with a man you love what’s stopping you?

That been said, let’s get down to giving your man a successful Bl0w Job so when he leaves the house all he’s thinking about is RETURNING and not running into the arms of some other “Edible Caterers” who’s ever willing and ready to do it the right way!

“Women should know that every man looks forward to getting his dome rattled and sucked; any man that says “it’s not really a big deal darlin’, I love you regardless” is lying so it should be done erotically because it is every man’s good pleasure while watching a movie on the couch with you, to also watch you unbuckle his belt, unzip his jeans, and slide on your knees and politely begin kissing his pelvic region”.

“Once you have the love tool in close proximity to your mouth, begin to gently kiss the head region while laying a little bit of tongue on it also”.

“Then place the P3nis in your warm mouth and proceed to go up and down in a slow motion, providing his d!ck with up and down stimulation will cause an instant undeniable er3ction”.

“Start sucking that thing like it has the winning lottery numbers in it”.

“Allow him to grab your hair and push your head down if that is his fantasy, resisting this is a turnoff and sure way to get you choked to death”

“Jerk his tool while sucking it”.

“Play with the balls, they are not there for nothing, babes it’s a TEAM game; they want some playing time also”.

“While jerking his p3nis, go down to those nether regions and start licking and sucking his balls and this will most certainly cause some his eye balls to start doing jumping jacks”.

“Now here is a word that women HATE to read or hear; DEEPTHROAT, every guy loves the feeling of his cock being completely submerged in a woman’s warm juicy mouth like the titanic; every man yearns to feel the tip of his tool at the back of your throat because that provides the ULTIMATE SENSATION and PLEASURE so don’t worry about GAGGING because that is a sign to your man that you are giving it all you got and while he doesn’t wish to take you to the hospital because you’re having a choking attack he still wants you to gag on his d!ck”.

“Last, when he is close to ejaculating please don’t make him finish anywhere outside of your MOUTH; once he gives you that signal that he’s about to explode like a vulcanic eruption, then that is your cue to start sucking deeper and deeper and faster until you see this nicca looking cross eyed”.

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Ladies: How To Give Your Man The HOTTEST BlOwjob Of His Life Ladies: How To Give Your Man The HOTTEST BlOwjob Of His Life Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 19:52:00 Rating: 5
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