Erotic Story - Grace, The House Girl (Warning 18+ ONLY)

The midnight romp with Corper

As Grace left Papa Kolade's room, afraid that her secret will leak. She had to succumb to the request of the corper in the compound. Read what happened.

When is it going to be morning? She wondered as she twisted and turned on the mat, she couldn’t sleep and whenever she eventually did it was haunted with dreams of her madam finding out about her sexcapades and beating her and eventually sending her home.

She had not exactly been this frightened of getting caught and sent back to her village, but since Oga corper saw her leaving Papa Kolade room, that fear seemed closer, he had implied telling on her in his words.

“When e go be my turn? Your madam know say you dey give everyone puna?”

She had been speechless and ran into their house, and as she lay restless on the bed she was determined to do what he wanted; fuck him in exchange for his silence. She stared awake till it was morning and she started her day a bit early, she did dishes before it was bright, went to fetch water being the first one at the tap.

She waited for it to start running while picturing all the scenarios of her madam finding out which all ended with her being sent away, she couldn’t go back now not with her madam talking about enrolling her to apprentice for a tailor not far from the house.

The tap started to rush, she fetched her water and went home, she didn’t bother greeting  Papa Kolade or asking him to come help her but he did anyhow, he was about to say something when she said thank you and walked away.

She did the rest of chores quickly and sat outside for when the corper would leave for work, he came out of his room in T-shirt that looked a little too big for him and looking a bit washed out with jean trousers that looked equally washed out, he walked past her smiling slyly, she followed him and when she was a small distance away from the compound she called out to him, he turned to see her and stopped, she walked faster and caught up to him

‘I go do am, anything you want’ She said with her head down

‘Come my room for midnight and knock my window’ he said and walked away

She felt defeated and scared, she walked backed home just in time to see her madam coming out with the children in their oversized school uniforms and torn school bags, soon the whole compound was empty and she was left alone with her thoughts, she decided to go see er friend down the street down the street who was also a house girl. She loosed her hair and her friend braided her hair, she considered telling her about her sticky situation but changed her mind knowing what a big mouth her friend had

‘You know say Ada from that restaurant wey I show you dey follow one big man wey be their customer, I bin see them together one night for dark corner’ Nnenna started

When it comes to the latest gossip, Nnenna knew all about it, she knew who was fucking who and who was pregnant for who.

‘This one wey you quiet wetin happen’ Nnenna asked peering down at her

‘Nothing, I just tire small’ she replied

‘Like say you dey do plenty for work for that una house’ Nnenna hissed.

She went on to give her all the latest gossips which was a nice distraction from her dilemma, she went home and cooked lunch, she served the kids when they got back, she took out some clothes and washed to keep her mind off tonight, she went about her days job quietly.

Night fell rather too slowly and while everyone else was asleep grace couldn’t, she was too restless, she watched the clock as their hands tuned slowly, if only she had something to fiddle with before it was time for her to pay for her sins.

Three more hours had passed when she stood up, grabbed her small torchlight, tip toed over the children and open the creaking down slowly, she walked towards his room which was on the same line as theirs, she knocked on the window and waited looking around nervously, another knock on the window an she heard footsteps from inside, he opened the door and even though she could not see his face in the darkness she felt his eyes on her

‘Come in’ he whispered

She got in as he closed the door behind him, he walked in front of her turned on a dim lamp, he sat down on a chair and stared at her while she looked down with her hands knotted together

“Remove your clothes, slut” he finally said.

She didnt know the meaning of the word slut but it made her more nervous, she took off her skirt first and then with shaky hands unbuttoned her shirt, she stood there with her full boobs heaving up and down with every breath she took and her pant.

“Now I see why they all want a piece of the hot cake, come kneel down here” he said spreading out his legs, pointing to the position he wanted her.

She knelt down in-between his legs as he pulled down his boxers, held the back of her head and pushed it down, she opened her mouth and took his dick in her mouth it was not as fat as Papa Kolade but was long, and he pushed her head down till all his dick disappeared into her mouth.

She felt it hit her throat and for a second she felt like she would vomit, he started to move her head up and down hitting the back of her throat each time, she usually enjoyed sucking dick but this felt like work, her jaws were beginning to hurt, he held her head with both hands and started to fuck her mouth fast, she thought she would pass out when he came in her mouth, shooting loads and loads of cum into her mouth.

‘Swallow it all, you stupid slut’ he said forcefully. She swallowed his cum which tasted a little bitter but she liked it and wished he could give her more

“Your night is just starting, Grace” he said holding her head up, you’re going to my slut tonight.

She could feel a familiar tingle in her pussy, she didn’t understand why she was beginning to like him calling her slut or why she wanted to fuck him all night after he threatened her stay with her madam, she was supposed to hate him and her pussy was screaming for him.