Instagram Beauty Contest Winner Dethroned Because She Asked For Her Safety (Read Chats)

Popular Instagram beauty and Commercial Model Okeoghene, has come out to report the stunt that was played on her after the legitimately won a beauty contest online.

Not only did they not give her the prize she won, she was also stripped of her throne after she demanded her safety.

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This is where it all started some girls are saying I would have gone but I'm not stupid I never said I wasn't going I only wanted my safety to be sure cause when I saw how hard everything was getting I told them to forget about my hotel and feeding that they should just take care of the flight which they didn't agree to still..I did nothing wrong but made everything easy for them only for them to say I've been dethroned,I know they did all this cause they think I'm helpless but I know my rights and will fight back....yall shouldn't believe the lies of the last winners cause I was told they lived in abuja and Who knows the girls maybe set up aswell to scam other innocent girls...they collected form money from all the girls both the ones that didn't make it to anywhere ...this is injustice and justice must be served....You all need to support me like you did when I won this shit pls and pls help me mention blogs that @am_natural_ is a SCAM
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