SCIENCE STUDENT: UNIOSUN 400Level Student Runs 'Mad'

Reports reaching inout9ja blog from a reliable source at Ikire Campus that one of UNIOSUNs' final year student has gone psychological imbalanced 'Mad'.

Sources said he ran mad yesterday's night around 11PM after smoking what is called Colorado (the thing singer Olamide warned people not to smoke)

Raphael was walking naked at night when some students that were still awake by that time spotted him. They quickly went into action and placed Raphael under control. It was reported that he had earlier spoilt an iron gate after he attempted running away from the people that were trying to keep him under check.

Sources also said Raphael was tied down with three different ropes of which he broke two already as at yesterday's night, he was able to do this probably from the strength what ever he smoked, gave him.

Raphael was known to be an addicted smoker and attempted to step up his smoking game when nemesis caught up with him. The statement 'smokers are liable to die young' is true after-all.

Well, the school authorities are yet to reach out to inout9ja blog for a full statement.

More details to come...