How Not To Get Sacked From Your Workplace

With the fast rise in the rate of unemployment and poverty, it has become imperative for every employees to secure their jobs no matter how insignificant the job may seem.

There are thousands of Unemployed who are fasting and praying, visiting one deliverance house to another just to get a job like yours. As enticing as entrepreneurship is, most African entrepreneurs are regretting quitting their jobs.

Life is like a game of card and whether you are aware or not, you are playing the game. Most people who are not experiencing growth in their lives or business are those who don't know how to play the game so also it is in the workplace.

Your degree might get you a good job but it may not determine if you will stay long in your job.
Today, I want to share with you just five tips that you can use to secure your job or position for as long as you want.

- Loyalty

The loyalty of some employees either to the owner of the company, the head of their department, the wife/husband/boyfriend or girlfriend of their boss etc is the reason why they still have their jobs. You may think they are being foolish, but their foolishness is why they still have a job.

Even if you are naturally proud, wisdom demands you fake loyalty until you have been able to gather enough money or experience or contact to move forward.

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It won't be a bad idea if you keep telling you boss how loyal you are. Humans are naturally selfish, so, no one will lift up another man if they don't believe that they can control you.

- Keep Your Mouth Shut

People who always want to say it as they saw it or as they are feeling always die before their time. You might be loyal to your bosses but your mouth can betray your loyalty. If you want to keep your job you must be careful how you talk whether in public or private.

Recently, a top editor in a top organization in Nigeria allowed his mouth to put him in trouble. Don't talk bad about your superiors to your colleagues because you don't know who was planted in the company to report what you said. Never you allow your mouth to take away food from your mouth.

- Competency

Competency is a card you need to play in order to secure your job forever. You need to develop yourself until no one in your organization is as competent as you in your field. People will always need people who have what they need.

Haven't you wondered why some ladies still stick to their abusive partners? He may have character flaws but he may be too good in the other room to let go (this is not my handwriting o!).

- Learn To Play The Workplace Politics Well

I have written a whole writeup on workplace politics before and I don't intend to repeat it here. Because of God let me explain a little.

Politics is not just about political offices, it has now entered into every organizations and institutions. For you to be able to secure your job you must understand the various politics at play in workplaces. Like, the politics of numbers, the politics of institutions, the politics of relationship etc.

- Have Plans In Place

Inasmuch as this writeup is about securing your job, I also believe that you should have an exit plan. Having a realistic exit plan will give you confidence in your job.

Most people will ride on you and even withhold your salary if they know that you don't have a choice. Your confidence will make them think otherwise.

Please, don't be arrogant or overly confident when you don't have an exit plan otherwise, you will just lose your job for nothing.

Succeed You Must

© Johnspeak Uwangue
Human Development Consultant, Talent Manager and Coach.
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