Story Time: BITTER ASSURANCE [Part 1]



It was on a Saturday, everyone was in the living room watching a Nigerian movie when I rushed in with great excitement, an excitement I couldn’t contain.

“Everyone guess what”, I said with great delight, all eyes were on me, they were so curious to hear what I was about to say, my younger brother Tobi quickly paused the movie.

“I have been given admission to study industrial Chemistry” I finally quenched their curiosity. Everyone shouted, they were overwhelmed with joy. My mum knelt down immediately and started thanking God.

My dad kept on saying “thank you Jesus’’’. It was such a delight seeing my family in such high spirit. I was so grateful to God.

I had been seeking admission for about three (3) years all to no avail - not because I failed my exams - but luck wasn’t just on my side and perhaps because I wasn’t connected. I was one of the brightest student while I was in secondary, I was either first or second in the class.

I passed my WAEC at one sitting without help whatsoever. Even those students I was far better than were already in the university, though most of them were from wealthy homes and were all connected.

I came from a poor background, a family of 6, I was the first in the lineup. My father works for a security outfit while my precious mum was a trader, she sells clothes. Though we struggle to make ends meet, we were united, we cherished one another so much. 

I had done so many small jobs to assist my family financially. I had to quit my previous job because the boss tried to take advantage of me. I was a sales girl in a bookshop which was a stone throw away from my home.

 The way my boss looks at me at times always makes me feel very uncomfortable. I am a very pretty girl with a good stature, so guys were always making advances at me, I do shun them, because I felt I wasn’t ready and they had nothing to offer.

 I was about to close the office one day when my boss called me to bring a particular book to his house; he said he wanted to present it to a friend.

I didn't like the idea of going to his house at night, so I suggested he sent his housemaid to come pick it because I had no money with me. He told me he didn’t have a housemaid that he would pay my transport fare.

I had no choice, I told him to send the address of his house. In 30 minutes, I was already at his place. I used the small money I had to pay for the transport knowing he was going to reimburse me. My boss, Mr. Stephen, lived in a bungalow, he actually built it.

It was tastefully furnished. The pictures of his pretty wife and lovely kids hung on the wall. I really like the house. Immediately I saw a figure coming out of the room I greeted, "good evening sir", "how are you Rita?" he responded with his deep voice. I stretched out the book to him “fine sir, here is the book you requested” I said hastily.

“You can have your seat, make yourself comfortable” I became puzzled; I was expecting him to take the book and let me have my leave.  He went inside and brought a glass of wine, he gave me a glass of wine.

“I don’t take wine sir, thank you sir” I declined politely. “Oh, do you care for juice instead?” he said, looking at me with a smile. “No sir, thanks” I said nervously.

Then he came close to me, started telling me that he liked me since the very first day he saw me, and started making all sought of promises. At first, I was getting carried away by those promises. If there was one thing my boss was good at, it was talking.

His mouth was his asset.  Here I was, getting carried away by his sweet words. When he saw I was already smiling, he went further and started touching me, immediately I felt his touch against my skin, I stood up, dropped the book I was holding and ran out.

I had seen Nigerian movies in which a boss would sleep with his employee. I wasn’t ready to take any chances.  “He kept calling my name, but I didn’t answer him, I ran like a thief.

It was when I was about to board a bus back home, I realized I had not collected the transport fare he promised, thank goodness I had some money with me because going back to his place wasn’t an option.

My parents had asked​ me why I quit the job, I told them it was because I wanted to focus on my studies so I could go to school.

We were still in the celebration mood when my dad asked​ which school offered me admission. I never knew I hadn’t told them.

It is Osun state university sir, not too far from here”, I said happily. "Ha, Osun state university, I heard their tuition fee is expensive", my heart skipped a beat. I had no prior knowledge of the school before opting for it.

I only chose it because I was confounded, I didn't know what to choose so I chose it. I had no privy knowledge of it. The only thing I knew was that it was in Osun state. "ha!, I would go check at once at the cyber café sir” I said with fear in my voice.

I set out at once for the cyber café close to my house. I nearly busted into tears when I saw the school fees. 100,000 naira. where am I going to get the money from? knowing the family financial situation? Tears welled up in my eyes, I could not afford to forfeit the long-awaited admission.

I was devastated.  I couldn’t hold back the tears, I wept bitterly. That night I couldn’t sleep, I kept on rolling on the bed thinking meticulously.

 I couldn’t afford to lose this admission, not at all. I made up my mind to seek help from family and church members. I was able to amass money for my acceptance and feeding.

I eventually got to school but there was absolutely nothing - money wise - to make my admission experience a good one to remember. No good clothes, No provision and small food to survive all throughout the semester. I wasn’t really comfortable with where I was actually staying.

I had to stay with a secondary school classmate till I got money to secure accommodation. It wasn't easy staying with my friend Titi. she was in her fourth year, biochemistry department. She wasn't serious with her education, she was always going out, and when she was home she would always see several movies.

I wasn't comfortable with her lifestyle, but who was I to complain. Luckily for me, in the process of registration; on one of the queue I met Justina; a girl from a very rich home and we became close friends. She was lovely and caring.

I narrated my ordeal to her; she took pity on me and decided to give me a helping hand. She had asked me to come live with her in her flat, that it was even too big for her. I was so elated, finally I was going to leave Titi’s home.

My joy knew no bounds. All through my first year in school, Justina practically sustained me, clothing, food, provision, toiletries, fees, bills and cash. Justina paid it all for me. Hence I had no reason to bother my parents for money all through my first year. Justina was very nice and caring but she got just one Achilles hill, she was very proud especially to guys. She feels she is not on the same level with anyone in class.

At home she mingled with older men, her elder brother's​ friends, people who were working and very wealthy.

Hence, guys in her class irritate her when they make advances at her. Justina, of course was a powerful dresser. she got a body of a model; and was also good looking, and her gaits were also perfect.

Hence, guys love making advances at her. I had tried several times to change her as regards her haughty attitude, but she wouldn’t listen.

She would always say "all these guys are below me". On one occasion she had really embarrassed a handsome boy in the presence of her friends.

She was gisting with her friends as they awaited​the next lecture. A guy who had always been stalking her, seeking the right time to talk to her; had to summon courage to go meet her in the midst of her friends.

“Good day, you all” he greeted the group with a smile. “Good day to you too", few of her friends responded in unison. "Could you please excuse me for a minute Justina?” he requested. Justina was so irritated by this that she had a disgusting look on her face.

"Me! Excuse you, for what? Sho mo age mi ni?" her friends busted into laughter because of the trending phrase Justina used.

I wasn’t happy with what she said, but I couldn’t chastise her, it would seem too embarrassing. She continued “you no dey fear, even in the midst of my friends, you had better be going” The guy was really embarrassed and left. I felt sorry for the poor boy.

He had an innocent face and was quite tall. I had presume that was the first time he actually attempted something like that.

To be continued…..

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By Tosin Oyetayo


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Disclaimer: This is a work of friction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictions manner. 

Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, actual events is purely coincidental.
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