Story Time: BITTER ASSURANCE [Part 2]


Subsequently, the session ended, I couldn't believe I had completed my first year in school without no problem and stress; I was grateful to God for sending Justina to help me. 

She was an angel. In 200 level, Justina decided to celebrate her 18th birthday thus she threw a party,
an elaborate one at a club outside the school.

She invited some of her friends on campus and many others outside of the school, some of them were are a childhood friend and others were her elder brother's friends. Under a normal circumstance, I wouldn’t dare attend a party at night let alone a birthday party taking place at a club. I am from a Christian home, and I adhere strongly to the doctrine of my church (C.A.C).

I just had to attend Justina's birthday party because it would be impolite and selfish for me not to support her in planning and hosting of the guest at the party.

I didn't know what to wear, I had just one grown that I wore for a special occasion, though its color has started to fade. I wore it and applied makeup lightly on my face, I abruptly checked the mirror and me didn't really like my reflection.

My countenance wasn't bright, and the clothes seem to have faded. I had to call on Justina to ask if I was good. She stared at me, adjusted my grown a little and told me I was good to go. I wasn't so sure if she actually meant was she said, I decided to ask some of her friends, they also said I looked sweet and stunning. It was then I became a little bit comfortable.
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A different set of people attended the party. Most of them were obviously very wealthy. Their outfit was stunning. It was obvious that they had seen very good days and their skin oozed of wealth. I actually felt different from the rest, many of the girls wore clothes revealing some parts of their body.

The place was already buzzing; there was too much to eat, the drink wouldn’t stop flowing, and the quality of the music played was great so much that one won’t know when one start shaking. I kept on observing the place, my eyes then stumble on a young man whose eyes was pinned on me.

I was feeling uncomfortable where I was sitting after realizing someone was observing and studying me. I stole a few glances at him, and behold, he was still looking at me. I was wondering what was going through his mind.

Suddenly I head a deep and husky voice from behind me “hello, can I join you” Stephen said as he tossed a smiled my way "you can, please have your sit", even though I was nervous I managed to reply with a smile.

He struck up a conversation and we spoke as though we have known each other for ages. We connected on different levels. We had the same beliefs, dream, and aspiration.  Stephen, a very good looking man, he had a blue eye which was capable of melting any girls heart and he was also well built, was a friend of Justina elder brother.

He was in his late twenties. He was done with school and was already working in his father establishment. Stephen father happened to be a very rich man and successful businessman owning and sitting atop many multi-million naira businesses in Nigeria.

He was his father first son and was managing the transportation arm of the business. Stephen was a very big boy he had access to a lot of money, that night at Justina’s party he asked me for friendship, which I accepted.

We exchanged contacts and went our separate ways. I was excited, I really did like him. I love particularly the way he talked, he was so matured. That day I slept thinking about what had just transpired that day.

The beginning of our Friendship had been magical. Stephen had been so sweet and wonderful. He called me every night since then, and I delighted in his phone calls. He made me laugh and feel special.

He seemed to really want to know how I was spending my days, and told me little things about himself as well. He loved dogs, but travelled so much that he thought it was unfair to have one; he love jollof rice with plantain.

He loves reading and watching football. He told me he loved me because I was different from other girls, other girls came only for his money.

I could see the flames of love burn in his eyes as he spoke with all sincerity. I was so flattered, this seriously good looking man was in love with me. I was happy. I had believe it wasn’t okay to let a guy know you have feelings for him.

So I tried pretty hard to obscure the excitement I was feeling but I couldn’t just hide it. I was so elated, among all those pretty girls throwing themselves at me he still choose me. He hadn’t actually asked me out yet, but I was very sure he was very much in love with I was anticipating him to propose to me.

The next day, he invited me out on a date. We went to a classic restaurant. As we were dinning he asked me out, the manner in which he asked me to be his girlfriend was surprising. It was not romantic. He just said it anyhow.

I didn’t want to look cheap so I told him I would think about it. He didn’t really like the answer. “ok, sleep on it, I would be expecting your answer by tomorrow” he said dryly.

I was excited. Immediately I got home I broke the news to Justina “what was your replied?” she asked with so much curiosity. “I was going to think about it” I replied her, “chai, you messed up, you should have said Yes now, why do have to waste time, you love him already” she scolded me “I didn’t want to look cheap” I defended my action “ guys like that don’t like girls stalking them, you better give him a yes quickly” she said with a pleading face “ok oo I don hear”, I responded “can you believe the way he asked me out, he just said he wanted me to be his girl dryly” I added.

Justina laughed aloud. “Do you want to eat romantic words? Na money be fine bobo oo” she said as she kept on laughing.

The next day I said yes to his proposal just as Justina advised. You should have seen the excitement written all over his face.

Stephen was so elated that he took his friends to a restaurant, told them to order anything they wanted; that he was going to foot the bill.

Stephen felt on top of the world; at last he got his dream girl.. Stephen gave me a heaven on earth experience.  He was very loving, caring and generous to me.

He paid exceptional attention to me and all my needs. He took care of everything I needed and all I wanted and surprised me every now and again with all sorts of exciting gifts, trips and thrills. He had even established a branch of his company in Oshogbo because of me.

Within a year of their relationship, I became the most popular girl on campus and also won the award of the most fashionable girl on campus, was also invited to every exquisite party and suddenly all the big boys and girl wanted to be my friend. My life changed significantly, I would never forget the day I met Stephen.

I became the envy among my peers, everyone wants to be as lucky as I was.  Some of my friends were filled with jealousy they couldn’t understand why Stephen would choose a girl like me. In their opinion I was not in his level and I wasn’t classic at all. They felt I wasn't that pretty especially one of course mate Tola .

I also somehow felt the same way, I knew it was grace that located me. I could still remember vividly at Justina’s birthday party so many girls were trying to get his attention, girls who were prettier than I, yet he didn’t even notice them.

Hence some of them plotted to destroy our relationship. They couldn’t stand it. I had told them I failed one course, CSC 201, a programming course. I cried that day, I didn’t want to fail any course, and it really brought down my CGPA significantly.

So they wanted to capitalize on that. They knew Stephen well, of course I had already introduced them to Stephen, as we were all friends.

It was a weekend and I had to travel home, my mum had fallen sick, and I needed to take care of her, so I left for Lagos.

One of my friends Tola, who was the most desperate to see my relationship with Stephen fail. Tola, a very pretty girl, she got a bigger breast, curvier shape and bigger ass than me, those were are selling point.

Tola went to Stephen place, with the sole aim of seducing Stephen and tarnishing my image. She wore a short grown revealing her thighs. Stephen rented a three bedroom flat in Oshogbo and furnished it well.

He was happy to see her and offered her a drink. They struck into a conversation, while they were talking she was trying to seduce him, but Stephen wasn’t interested.

When she saw it wasn’t working for her, she decided to bring up the issue of result. She told him I failed a very important course, but his expression didn’t really change. Tola had expect the news to upset Stephen, it didn’t even bother Stephen a bit.

Stephen was this person who doesn’t really believe in Nigeria education. He believe you becoming successful has to do with who you know and not what you actually know.

He had given people who were bad in academics a very good position in his organization on basis he was connected to them. He would always tell his friends in Yoruba: “GP ko ki ra Jeep” meaning Gp does not buy jeep. Tola plans failed.

To Be Continued...


By Tosin Oyetayo


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Disclaimer: This is a work of friction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictions manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, actual events is purely coincidental.
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