Story Time: BITTER ASSURANCE [Part 3]

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Our bond became even stronger and stronger as each day passed, we chatted all day and night and shared every detail of what we were doing at every point in time.

What are you eating? What are you wearing? Who are you with? Are you going out? When? Where are you now? Send me that joke, send that voice note, take a picture and send me and all that goes with a fantastic and fun love affair.

We missed each other greatly and tried to be with each other at least every other day. Valentine’s Day was fast approaching, I was actually thinking of what to get for Stephen, I just wanted to appreciate him; he had a very good lover, the kind of lover I thought only existed in movies.

I wanted to surprise him with a wonderful gift. As I was thinking, my phone started ringing, I was delighted to see his name on the phone, we exchange our usually pleasantries. Then Stephen said he wanted to throw a party for lovers in the campus on Valentine’s Day, I told him it was a good idea. I was elated I knew Stephen got a big plan. I helped him in organizing the party.

The most anticipated party on campus finally arrived, it was the lover’s party that was organized by Stephen. The banners were in every nook and cranny of the school. It really had so much publicity. Many people turned up for the party in their white and red outfit. The place was boisterous, everyone were in high spirit.

Couples filled the dance floor as the DJ played trending music. I wore a long red grown, it was very beautiful, and I had received so many compliments already; Stephen wore a white shirt with a touch of red. He looked smart in it.

Stephen and I also stormed the dancing floor even though both of us were bad dancers we managed to shake our bodies. There were so much food and drink, Stephen really spent so much for the party. Subsequently, Stephen went to the front, took the microphone from the DJ and he began to speak: “I am super excited to have you all attend this special lover’s party.

As we all know, Valentine is a day to celebrate love with our family and friends. It's a day to share things not only with our loved ones but with people around us. Today I would love to take out time to celebrate someone special. Before I met her, I wasn’t happy.

Even though I was always boisterous, smiling, energetic, always involved and exciting. Even though my social media accounts were exciting, interesting and active with so many followers, friends and admirers. Even though I had so many people wanting to be like me, I was still very sad. I had been betrayed.

My heart has been broken countless time .all the ladies that came into my life, came because of my money.  My money was their priority. I couldn’t find any genuine helper or any lady trustworthy that can truly share how I really feel with; until Rita came into my life. She is my oxygen, my life support. She means a lot to meaning.

She is different from the rest. I love her so much. “As he was speaking, tears welled up in my eyes I couldn’t believe what he was saying. All eyes were on me, I felt my stomach clench as he called me over to the podium. I was really shy, everyone was clapping for me. I joined him. He kissed me and continued his speech. “I sincerely don’t know how to appreciate and celebrate her, I would love to give her a gift.

Here is your Valentine's gift, happy Valentine’s Day my love“, he said looking at my eyes as if he was searching through my soul as he handed me a car key. Then he carried me to the place the car was parked, everyone followed, “here is your car Rita, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was a Toyota Venza 2015 model, I shouted and gave him a hug as though my life depended on it. 
I was agape a brand new car for me it was beyond my wildest imagination everyone was just clapping as they shouted assurance!! Before I knew it, the DJ started to play Davido’s song “Assurance“.

Every one sang along, “I am looking for a sister, Rita my lover“, they replaced Chioma with my name. It was a day I would never forget in my life. It was such a special moment.  It was indeed a big deal.

The news spread on the campus like wildfire. I became very influential and famous. I became a celebrity and was nicknamed Assurance. Even the fellowships in school used me as an example, they said I was favored just like Esther in the bible.

On several occasions, I would travel with Stephen to different parts of the world on both official and non-official and would return with so much stuff and give out to family and friends. My family already knew Stephen and they cherish him so much that they started to call him brother-in-law.

I was also desperately in love with Stephen; my helper, my support, my backbone and my provider. Subsequent rumors emerge that Stephen was actually married with two lovely kids.

I was terrified I didn’t want to lose him. I later confirmed it was true. Stephen married in his early twenties to a woman who his father choose for him. It wasn’t his choice he had to oblige his father so he could be given a share of his company.

Stephen had two lovely children with his wife who he didn’t love. He had this notion that he could grow in love after several years he still didn’t love her and regrets had set in, he was always angry with his father for making him go for the wrong choice.

The fact that he was married didn’t really matter to me, I was in love. He had also promised to divorce his wife and I believed him with all my heart.

Stephen had won heart, moreover he had given me assurance, Love assurance, money assurance and now marriage assurance. I was convince nothing could ever come between us.

After I was done with school, I was posted to Nasarawa state for my NYSC. It was tough leaving Stephen for such a long time. I was used to spending most evenings with Stephen and the thought of being so far away from him was too hard to imagine.

When it was time I had to go anyway and Stephen promised he will check on me as frequently as possible. It was a painful but necessary departure. Stephen fulfilled his promised not a single day passed that he wouldn’t call or send message to me.

Sometime he would also visit me buying so many gifts for me. While serving, I met a very gentle and tender young man; a graduate of computer science from one of the federal universities in Nigeria, a young man with a vision, a plan, a purpose and a passion for his dream; every lady’s dream man. Both of served in the same ministry.

Paul and I began to talk and hang out a lot; consequently we became very good friends. Subsequently we started dating. We were so compatible. By the end of the service year, I went back to Lagos, But Paul was recommended by his boss to work for a software company.

He just wanted to manage the job till he got something better, because the salary wasn’t really good. By then we knew we loved each other enough to get married; hence the plan and arrangements were already underway.

When I got to Lagos, Stephen had already made arrangements for me to be employed immediately in his father establishment where he was the MD. I got the job on a platter of gold. It also came with attractive packages, an official car and several bonus as well. Stephen also got me a three bedroom flat accommodation.

I was very happy, impressed and eternal grateful for all Stephen has done and was still doing for me. My only fears was marriage, I knew Stephen can’t marry me, since he was already married with two lovely kids. Moreover I can’t afford to be a second wife.

Stephen has not spoken anything concerning marriage, anytime I bring up the conversation he would always find a way to avoid it.

Meanwhile Stephen had been seeking ways to part ways with his wife, on so many occasions has he gone to meet his father regarding the issue.

His father would always tell him marriage isn’t a bed of roses and everyone should carry his/her cross with endurance.

That he should never think of divorcing his wife, else he would destroy him. He was really sad; he really wanted to marry me. He loved me and had invested so much in me. But the circumstance in which he found himself was so difficult.

After seven months on the software job, Paul got a very productive job in Lagos, he was to head a team and lead a project in a huge software company.

He was very happy about the job and also very glad to relocate to I lived and work. He was very happy about the blessings and breakthrough his I enjoyed in such a short period of time. As far as Paul was concerned there was absolutely nothing holding us back from getting married.

We got all we desire, a good job, house, cars and we were compatible. I became extremely worried when Paul discussed marriage with me, I had anticipated it, but I hadn’t found a solution to my dilemma yet.

What was I going to tell Stephen who was desperately in love with me and has invested so much in me. I kept on avoiding any discussion about marriage.  This attitude really made Paul furious, he couldn’t take it anymore, for three months now he has been asking my hand in marriage, and I would always find a way to elude the conversation.
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He couldn’t take it anymore, he was tired. There were many girls at work who were throwing themselves at him, he decided to go for one of them. I became extremely worried, Paul wasn’t picking my calls neither was he returning any.

So I decided to visit him after work. I was very shocked and surprise to see a lady in his house. This lady was very comfortable walking around the apartment with her nightie. The look the lady gave me told me there was something going on between them.

Paul surprisingly wasn’t shocked or embarrassed or sorry to be caught by me; on the contrary he was glad. He was delighted on the look he saw on my face. I was so filled with jealousy, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I went home embarrassed and cried my eyes out. I later called Paul to discuss the sad development and Paul told me he was done waiting for me to make up her mind that if I wouldn’t make up her mind within a week our relationship would be considered dead.

I tried to tell Stephen about my marriage plans, but didn’t know how I was going to present it to him. I was scared. On a Wednesday evening I muster all the courage I could to call Stephen and inform him of my intention of getting married. “What? What are you talking about? Don’t even think about it, what rubbish, marriage my foot.

After all I have done for you, you want to dump me.  You better give yourself brain. I would finish you and your so-called husband. Who gave you the effrontery to call me and tell me this gibberish? Just don’t try me I don’t make empty threat.

“Stephen threatened and he abruptly ended the call. I entered the world of uneasiness, I began to shiver. I was confused and my head began to spin. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

“I am in trouble ooo, I muttered under her breath “. Sweat drenched my face, I carefully dabbed my forehead with a handkerchief. I looked over to the wall where the clock hung and listened to the slow methodical ticks of the clock.

Knowing in a couple of weeks I would be 29 years made my heart skip a beat. I actually felt miserable. I needed counsel desperately, so I went to see my pastor, he was an elderly man, and he should be in his late 50s. I narrated my story to me.

He felt nothing but pity for me. “Bitter assurance, Bitter assurance “he said impulsively as he looked at the ground. “ Why Are you children of nowadays so myopic  “ he added and I drifted in thoughts, I reminisced the time Stephen and I spent together I actually wished everything went as planned, I also remembered the day he bought me a car, I kept on shaking my head, if only I knew the future I would have done things differently.

“ Rita you would have to go and meet Stephen and explain to him “the pastor said diverting me from my memories. I did as advised but Stephen wouldn’t see reasons with me. He insisted he was going to marry me that I dare not go ahead and marry anyone.

Here I am now, am 35 years old and I have not yet gotten married. Paul is happily married with three beautiful children.

By Tosin Oyetayo


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Disclaimer: This is a work of friction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictions manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, actual events is purely coincidental.

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