Apapa: Tanker Loaded With Petrol Falls & Spills Content (Photos)

Apapa residents raise alarm as 3rd tanker loaded with petrol falls and spills content
Residents of Berger Suya bus stop, Olodi Apapa, Lagos, yesterday, July 18, 2018, have cried out for help after another petrol tanker fell and spilled its content.

This will be the third incident in recent times.According to the residents in the area, the spilled contents flow into the road and gutters, risking an explosion.

A day before the tragic Otedola bridge tanker explosion occurred, a tanker loaded with petrol fell at the same spot at Berger bus stop in Olodi Apapa and two days later another with diesel fell, a resident said.

Concerned residents have raised alarm about the warning signs the government has turned a blind eye to. They fear lives and properties could be lost if action is not taken soon.

One resident, Roland Nduka, who reached out to LIB said:

    Tanker loaded with petroleum product fell at Berger suya bus stop olodi apapa Lagos today 18/07/2018.
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    This is the third tanker that has dropped at this particular spot and the government is doing nothing because the police are there collecting bride from them.

    Right now the petrols from the tanker have all poured into the gotters and the only saving grace is the weather. Even the road is not accessible to fire tankers to come rescue because the trailers with containers have blocked everywhere.

    A day before the otedola tanker explosion one loaded with petrol dropped at the same spot and two days later another with diesel.

    This spot has aboki that does suya, and also a lot of business investment waiting to go up in flames because of the amount of danger this possesses for them to keep turning at this spot.

    The business owners are complaining but nothing is being done. As we know Nigeria, they will wait for lives and properties to be burnt before proper action will be taking.

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