How A Man Got 23 Inch S*x Toy Stuck In His Anus For 24 Hours (Photos)

A man had a 23-inch dildo stuck up his backside for one whole day before doctors finally succeeded in removing it.

The sex toy was wedged so deep inside the man that doctors had to invent a brand new equipment to use in getting it out. it took 24 hours before they succeeded.

The 31-year-old Italian man took himself to hospital after his efforts to remove the massive sex toy from his body proved abortive.

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The unnamed man said he had inserted the unbelievably huge toy into his rectum the day before but that it "was not removable by hand".

Miraculously despite the size of the toy the man said the only discomfort he was feeling was mild abdominal pain.

Medical professionals in Milan could not get the rubber dildo out using standard methods as they complained it was "too big and smooth".

Grabbing devices which had previously been used in medical procedures were either too loose or too small for this particular case. Instead they were able to craft a lasso-like implement to catch the end and drag it out.
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The device helped and the patient was allowed to return home on the same day as the procedure. He later wrote a thank you note to the doctors for solving his "embarrassing problem" without needing to operate.