Story Of A One Legged Skripper And A Fun Seeking Man (pictures)

A random fun seeking young man has shared his weird experience in a bar with a one-legged skripper which surpassed his expectations.

Read his story below:

“So the homies and I went to a strip club. It was a Tuesday night, good day to go, not a lot of ppl, I don’t have throw a lot of money at the ladies. I had $50, so all I did was through the singles, pick it up and throw it again. The ladies were medium looking, not like the fine ones on weekends. These girls were rated between 4-6. As the night going on, the ladies were doing their usual one leg shake nothing special. There was only like 7 customers in there.

The DJ said we’re about to close this place with a bang. He said coming to the stage, our most interesting dancer, HOPPER!! I thinking oooooh shit! I wonder how she got that name. She must do crazy tricks like hopping on my lap from the ceiling, hopping between poles!! She walks out.. the b*tch has one leg.

She was hobbling on the stage to the pole. As she was on the pole, she was upside down and staring right at me. She flicked her finger telling me the get on stage. I wasn’t having that. I politely said no but my friends had the nerve to pick me up and throw me on stage. I was put in a chair and she started hopping towards me.

She was grinding me, all I could do was focus on the missing leg, I never been this close to a one legged person. Now y’all know the gross end of the amputated leg, that closed part that look like a butt hole? Idk what trick she tried to do, maybe tried to switch positions, but as she pulled to half leg over, that end tip hit me on my lips.

That was the most disgusting thing I ever felt on my lips, on my head… I kissed a booty hole. Don’t judge me, but.. I RKO’d that b*tch and walked out the club. The humiliation I felt in front of those 7 ppl!! Some of y’all will be pissed at me for doing that but that was disrespectful.

You know how niggas feel when they dance on a girl for like 20 mins and find out it was a guy when the lights come on and now they wanna square up and beat him/her up. That’s how I felt. So I’m taking a break from strip clubs for a while. I think I have a new phobia for one legged people! Again don’t judge me”.

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