Dooms Day!! Excellent Men Vs. The Youths Of Showers Of Blessing (Score Line)

The fight between David and Goliath must have repeated itself today after the Excellent Men of Showers Of Blessing were gruesomely defeated by the ever shining youths of Showers Of Blessing Zone, Oyo province 14.

The match which lasted an hour, with 30 minutes 1st half and 30 minutes 2nd half, was worth watching.

It all started as a joke when the Youths scored their first goal within few minutes into the 1st half. Then the goals began to swoop in like a river, 2:0, 3:0, 4:0, 5:0, 6:0.................................11:0.

Out of pity, the referee of the match decided to award the Excellent men a penalty for an offense done outside the box 18. The mighty men were able to score the goal at the mercy of the goal keeper. At this point, the goal line was draw to a 11:1, with the Youths still leading.
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Finally, the Excellent men tend to gain their strength and hoped to level with their opponent on the score board. As luck would have it, the Excellent men were able to serve the Youths with another 'wuruwuru to the answer' goal, making the score board 11 - 2.

Despite the fact that the Excellent men brought all their supporters club to the pitch, the able Youths of the Zone still triumphed in an EXCELLENT way.


After the football match, the youths and excellent men teamed up to make a repair on the road leading to the Church. The act which was seen as a community service, was well appreciated by most motorists and pedestrians.

Sunday 4th Nov., 2018 Is Our Love Feast, You Are All Invited.

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