Dear Readers, Please I Need Your Advice On My Wife

This mail is straight from Zambia

I need advice concerning my wife, i met my wife about 15 years ago when all she had was a G12 certificate.

I had just started work and running a small business at that time, we got talking and later started dating, her parents were incapable of supporting her to further her education.

I wanted to help, which i did and I'm now regretting because she has become something else, she's equally become rude and pompous.

She's a very smart lady, i put the business in her care and she grew it, i saw the potential and sponsored her to do Accounts which i paid for, for almost 4 years.

I found her a job at one of the financial institutions, her performance was amazing, she was sponsored to take up a course in banking and finance which she finished and got a promotion which came with good benefits, that's when problems started in our marriage.

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She just changed, we have 2 kids together, we no longer communicate efficiently in all areas of marriage and she just asked me for divorce saying ive used her and she wants to be free, i got the shock of my life, i didn't take her seriously until i came home from work about a month ago, i found the kids had left with all their belongings including my wife's stuff, i called her, she just told me i,ll be hearing from her lawyer soon and that she'll pay me back for everything.

Her mother has tried to advise her, but she asked her people to pay back everything i paid, meetings have been called, but she doesn't attend.

I just got knowledge, the company is renting a lavish house for her and everything, i decided to let things be, but she keeps provoking me, im here minding my business, she'll be sending provocative msgs, just last week Friday, i got off from work and found my kids outside my gate, i didn't want to alarm the situation, but all they said was that they miss me and asking why me and their mother are staying in separate houses, i didn't want to give them bad news i told them its because of work and that we are fine, she later comes home very angry as though i got the kids, starts shouting at me and actually slapped me and warned me never to come near the kids without her permission, this all happened in our bedroom, that's how she left.

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She got a restraining order and reported that i was abusive and threatening to kill her, i didn't want to fight it, i just let things be, but my family want me to sue her for defamation cause that might affect my custody plea, ive resolved i want to let her be, but most of the guidance ive gotten is i should fight back.

I need advice from the forum on how i can deal with this issue Please.
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