Share Your Worst Embarrassing Moments Caused By Nature (READ MINE)

This is one of my most embarrassing moment and I will like to share it.

Earlier this month in a gym house, I met a very beautiful and well-shaped lady and 2 of her friends.

I got into discussion with 3 of them, as interesting and funny our discussion was, the one I was interested in jokingly came to me and sat on my laps, almost close to my diiick, I locked up.

The more we gist, the more she shakes her ass, I got hard and uncomfortable, wanted to stand her up but thought it'll look embarrassing to her before her friends, I still locked up.

She was putting on a hanging belly-button revealing sleeveless with a very tight leggings.

Her nyash no dey stay one place, she dey gist with both mouth and nyash.I was just so hard! I couldn't bear it any longer as I faked a call and jokingly tried to end the discussion, telling them that I'll be leaving to catch up on something.

She stoop up, standing before me with a huge ass, she pleaded that I'll drop them off.As all these were happening, my diick was as erect as fvck, almost getting noticeable while seated that i can't even stand up before them. I obliged to her request, but was still seated.

I no wan cast myself by standing with my erected preeq because i was putting on sports trouser.They were expecting me to stand but i pretended to be so weak and tired, hoping and looking for thoughts that will bring down my stubborn john-Thomas.

As God may have it, immediately i thought of BUHARI and NNAMDI KANU, you need to see how my stubborn jnr dropped like music album, I smiled at them without them noticing the reason behind that smile, then stoop up and left with them.

Omo since that day, I no dey miss small mini-tight and Buhari picture anytime I dey go gym.

Share Your Worst Embarrassing Moments Caused By Nature!

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