How I Said 'I Love You' To My Dad For The Very First Time - Komolafe Daniel

​I remembered the first day I said I LOVE YOU to my dad.

So it was in 2016 when I was in service, I had just gotten a PPA and trying to settle everything before going back to Ibadan and telling mum SEE YOU NEXT YEAR, cus I never had plans on going back home.

Called dad that he should send the money he had promised me to set up my accommodation and furnish it. Right from the Uni. I hated sharing my space so I stayed alone or at my 'then GF's place'.

Dad kept on delaying and time was going. We were given 2 weeks break after the usual 3 weeks+ NYSC camping, and a week out of the 2 weeks had already passed.

Dad hasn't still sent the money, out of annoyance (one wicked annoyance from the pit of hell) I composed a very aggressive text message and sent to my dad.... Damnnnnn!

Till today I never knew what the hell got into me that gave me that liver to send such message to my dad.

Before I continue, lemme say this, dad wasn't the gentle type, he had military training, while building us up, his slap was a  slap you wouldn't want to digest.

If my dad slaps you, you will go blind for 20 good seconds, during the 20 seconds, everywhere will be  white, I mean HOLY GHOST WHITE.

When you start to get yourself, you will hear the tiny little siren sounds being manufactured in your brain. Then you will regain balance - This right here is called the DEFAULT SPHERE.

So, dad read this text and I guess he wasn't happy with what he read, he called my elder brother, Kayode.

It was my elder brother that called me and we spoke for like 4 minutes, I think.

Bro spoke some crazy ass sense making, mind blowing, well spoken words into my head. That one is a smart lawyer so playing with words was something easy for him.

Mehnnn! My bros words touched me like it was Thor's hammer that hit me. Immediately I went back to the message I had sent to my dad and re-read it.
Hard guy, hard guy! tears just dropped from my eyes, like dude YOU FUCKED UP.

I called my dad he didn't pick (guess he was busy or something) but I knew he didn't ignore the call.

I text-ed him and the whole text was filled with I AM SORRY DAD, I AM SORRY DAD, I. SORRY DAD.....

Then later that day he called me and we spoke for length (I guess that was one of the longest father - son call we had ever had). He told me why he wasn't able to send the money at the particular time. I was soooo touched, I never knew.

Then before he hung up I boldly said Daddy I LOVE YOU.. The man just laughed - this laugh was very genuine 'cus in the type of African home I grew up in, I LOVE YOU was scarce, so it was a shcoke for him.

That made me closer to my dad, and till today putting an I LOVE YOU at the end of any text message to my dad hasn't been difficult anymore.

I fucked up, I learnt my lesson, I cried, I apologized and I moved on stronger.

LESSON: Don't say things when angry, you don't know what the other party is going through just to make you happy in other ways, always have someone with sound mind to talk you to the right part, I had a very good and understanding elder brother.

Happy Sunday guys... 
How I Said 'I Love You' To My Dad For The Very First Time - Komolafe Daniel How I Said 'I Love You' To My Dad For The Very First Time - Komolafe Daniel Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 09:04:00 Rating: 5
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