How The Son-In-Law To The Ex-Chief Of Army Staff Assaulted Me, Lady Cries Out, Demands Justice

We live in a society where injustice thrives; where the female child is prone to a host of inhumane vices. Power, they say corrupts, but I say power corrupts barbaric animals in human camouflage. 

The moment we stop speaking on things that matter is the moment our humanity dies. But what happens when we speak and act in defense of our civic rights, but nothing is done? Especially in a country like Nigeria.

Imagine there was no Close Circuit Television (CCTV) in that shop? The s*x toy shop where the salesgirl was assaulted by a serving senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo.

The sad truth is that the salesgirl incident was just one of many scenarios of power abuse in our society.

This is an undercover story that happened last year:-

Just the other day, I saw my female colleague looking sad and forlorn while at work.

I made efforts to persuade her to know what was on her mind.

In response, she quoted me from a discussion we had earlier that day about the incident between the senator and the salesgirl; “What if there was no CCTV”.

As it turns out, she had been a victim of assault from a son-in-law (Bonaventure Obonyano) to the former chief of army staff Kenneth Minimah, over a piece of cake.

Yes, you heard me right, a cake. She was meant to deliver a birthday cake to Captain Bonaventure Obonyano on behalf of her sister who was indisposed at the time.

My colleague had called earlier to apologize and explained for the late delivery, as she had to cancel her plans in order to help her sister deliver the cake.

Arriving at the venue of delivery, she saw the man waiting in full rage. He ordered a soldier to collect the cake and another to seize her phones.

There she stood, astonished when the man instructed; “Come to my house if you want your phones back”- just as he stepped into his vehicle.

She approached the car and tried to reach for her phones when the supposed “National Hero’’ slapped and kicked her, while the other soldiers wasted no time in joining to beat her up.

Injustice to one is injustice to all. I admonish anyone who comes across this article to kindly repost and share till we get justice for Miss Vanessa Kei. It is paramount that we bring to book, those in power who perpetrate injustice.

The power of the social media can be harnessed to effect, as exemplified in publicizing the alleged rape case involving Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of Coza, as well as the assault on the salesgirl by the serving senator.

If we don’t charge forward to make those in power accountable for their actions, we are encouraging them in becoming what they think they are; invincible.

Pictures of the woman beater:-

The evidences are listed in a chronological order:

1. Medical evidence
2. police report
3. petition to the army
4. Reply from the army
5. Audio between the army investigator and an eye witness (a security guard)
6. Picture evidence of assault

Listen To Audio:-

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