How A Nigerian Lady Got Scammed By One 'Robert Adeola Gbolarhan' On IG (Photos)

Face Of The Scammer - Robert Adeola Gbolarhan 
A Nigerian lady has come out to narrate her ordeal of how she got scammed by her long time friend.

The scammer whose name is Robert Adeola Gbolarhan, contacted her after a long while of losing contact with her claimed not to be in the country at the moment and asked if she could help him deliver a message to his dad who is in Nigeria.

He also claimed to have gotten her an a gift and showed her proof of purchase, unknown to her, this was just a means of scamming the innocent lady.

She her chat with InoutNaija, she said:-
"So.. I met a friend on Instagram .. been a while.. I first ignored his dm and all.. but when I saw his writing posts. I was like okay.
I could learn and indeed I learnt..he doesn’t stay in Nigeria .. claimed he was from ondo state blah blah blah.. i said ok.. we got talking about work and it was fine and I was even okay with the fact that he wasn’t interested and never talked about dating or whatsoever.. fast forward to last week.. he said he was sending gifts from Texas to his dad in portharcourt and I was like okay.. he said he was sending sneakers to me.. I said I don’t want..I rejected it..
but all of a sudden I saw myself receiving a receipt picture from him that he’s sending me a sneakers ... I told him I’m just gna give it out because I don’t take gifts from guys.. I really can’t explain the scenario as I am still trying to arrange all what happened and how I didn’t see the red flags..
then later guessed maybe I was jazzed or something because I can’t remember how i transferee money to him.. the me that has been going through stress in Lagos can never give out money I worked for.. so I got a call from the stupid officer that received the sneakers in Abuja (expresscourier) which was a scam and said delivery via flight through FedEx was 28k.. babe.. 💔I paid.. a whole lot of shit too happened cus they said they found dollars in the sneakers pack and custom held the package at the airport blah blah blah .. everything was 60k.. I don’t know how it happened...
The normal me would have checked google for the organizations name and all..
That was how I emptied my account and my sanity came back.. I told my cousins.. my younger cousin said he saw me transferring money and asked me, that I didn’t respond... I was like I didn’t remember when he asked or where he asked.. I cried though.. told a friend and he said the guy is a yahoo guy and that’s what they do now.. target independent ladies and scam them..
I was even shocked because there was no form of relationship like dating.. it was all work and all.. so I learnt a lesson on not making virtual friends and even becareful of physics friends".
She further narrated how she told Segalink on twitter and what he told her to do.
"I told a female friend and told me she was also a victim of this last month and I wondered why I never knew about it.. the guy that scammed me blocked me on ig, blocked me everywhere.. I sent a dm to segalink
Connected me to a legal person on his team.. the guy didn’t respond and I forgot the money.. just wondered how the jazz or something worked on me, because I still can’t remember how I sent money and it’s just receipts I’m seeing here.. another lesson is to repair my Android and start using truecaller.. i dialed his number on a friend’s android phone using truecaller and it appeared that his numbers and Nigerian numbers are fake.."
This is his Texas number : +1 (405) 771-6621 as claimed and his Nigerian number: +234812 8357247
His IG account:- @_wealthycrown_ade

Account number used for the scam: 2122964765 with the name Abiodun Emmanuel, UBA - Please guys, if you see this number transacting with you in any form, report the number or flee.

Proofs below:-

How A Nigerian Lady Got Scammed By One 'Robert Adeola Gbolarhan' On IG (Photos) How A Nigerian Lady Got Scammed By One 'Robert Adeola Gbolarhan' On IG (Photos) Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 17:04:00 Rating: 5
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