A MUST READ - Here Are 26 Facts About Me, Most Of Them Are Really Not Weird

I have come this far in life with the help and direction of only one supreme being, GOD!

Becoming a year older today is like clicking the RE-SET button but this time on a new facet of life.

Reflecting on the things I have been through and where I am today hasn't been easy but thank God we don't look like what we have been through in life.

...so for this, I release 26 plus one strange facts you might not really know about me.

1. I am allergic to egg and I don't eat eba: in  as much as I like food a lot, I don't think I can ever eat egg or eba (But I drink garri with adequate milk  8))

2. I don't fancy birthdays: I personally don't celebrate birthdays. Not a religious belief or influence. It's just something I don't do.

3. I prefer chats to calls. You want to get my attention really quick and you're calling? I laugh in Spanish. Nigga chat me up.

4. My dad is my role model, I really will like to be like him. The way he treats and respects my mum. I love that so much.

5. All my friends are talented in one way or the other. Only that they can be stupid sometimes.

6. I hate hearing 'is it not just to design' - that statement pisses me a lot. Shows the level of your ignorance and so gets me on edge.

7. My brother's birthday is September 6th, my mum's September 16th, mine is September 19th.

8. I have an elder brother who is a Lawyer, and two lovely sisters, one great mum and an excellent dad.

9. My best color is black

10. I hate when people are being cheated on. Like WTF will you call that bus-driver an idiot when it's clear you are at fault. To think the Benz brings extra brains?

11. I love kids a lot. One time told my mum to give birth again despite having 4 children already.

12. Most of my close friends are idiots but are very intelligent.

13. I really love minding my own business  - I don’t relate with people who have a PH.D in gossiping. I only deal with Intellectual conversations.

14. I dislike showing emotions - I cried 5 days after my grand mother was 6 feet. On the burial day I was the one using my dad's phone to snap and make videos. 5 days after, I off loaded the tears. It was really hard.

15. In relation to 14, I still miss my grand ma, she died 4 years ago.

16. I am an easy lover - if I fall in love with you, I am 100% in. Except your village people start calling you small small.

17. I studied physics in school. My favorite subject was any that had to do with finding X.

18. My favorite food is pounded yam and any draw soup - someone once said my wife will try, I told the person, I can pound.

19. The best cook I have ever known is my mother. My girlfriend can cook, but she doesn't like cooking.

20. I love dogs a lot - I have had over 20 dogs while growing up, 5 different species. Crazy right!?

21. I once was taken to police station for something I didn't do. Dad came to bail me out with extra tactical and well calculated iron-clothed belt.

22. One of the reasons I learnt how to swim was 'cus a family member of mine drowned while swimming. He was a first class graduate and had just finished his last papers.

23. I am Sapios3xual

24. I so much love being alone with my headset and laptop - never strike a convo. when you see me with these things.

25. Read 26

26. I should have been a skilled footballer if not for my dad - now I am a skilled graphic designer, content writer, drone driver, little coder.... with no epitome of regret, still all thanks to my dad.

Plus one: I am not Where I ought to be, but I am also not where I was few year ago
A MUST READ - Here Are 26 Facts About Me, Most Of Them Are Really Not Weird A MUST READ - Here Are 26 Facts About Me, Most Of Them Are Really Not Weird Reviewed by InoutNaija Staff on 16:26:00 Rating: 5
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