INOUTNAIJA can help you promote your offline/online business(es)technologystart-upseminareducation, etc to your targeted audience and you will get a good value for your money. We assure you of that.

If you're interested, advert placement is billed on a monthly basis per advert space, depending on the size of your advert banner(s).


InoutNaija has a wide range of viewers mostly in Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States and some other European countries.

We have a competitive statistics that has been confirmed by Google analytics.

See Below (Statistics for August/November 2018):-

Google analysis for August/Number(Click HERE To Download)

We have been able to work with some companies to help build their brand online through our adverts platform and reaching their desired audience. An online dating platform was able to reach their desired audience by placing their ads on inoutnaija

GT Bank: We worked with GT Bank to help make lots of online users to download the New GTB mobile app which enables transaction done easily over the use of mobile data.

Pearlcuts: An online clothing platform was able to reach over 500 followers few days after working with inoutnaija advert team. A law firm the helps the average man to solve his law cases and take legal action for them was able to get followers on their platform because they worked with inoutnaija.



1. Banner Ads

We offer all Web Standards Ads ranging from 300×250, 728×90, 320×100, 160×600 and many others placed Strategically anywhere you want. Just talk to us.

2. Video Ads

Do you have a Video Ads about your Products/Services? We know how best to use Video.. Let’s talk!

3. Rich Media Ads

Thinking of deploying Animated & Interactive Ads? Let’s get creative

4. Text Ads

Thinking of stealing the show? Let’s place your Text Ads at the Top, Middle or Bottom of our Site Articles where it will get the so much desired visibility and clicks.

5. Sponsored Post

Article gets published on Inoutnaija & shared to our various social media platforms

What You Should Know!!

 Advert materials:

Your Ads banner should be in (JPEG, PNG, or GIF images).

NOTE:-  We can help you design the banner if you can't create it, Not FREE! but for a FEE!..

Banner Changes:

Changes to your banner can be done anytime at no extra cost by sending us the attached changes to be made

Setup Time: Once payment is made for the slot you choose, your ad can start running same day or at anytime you specify


All Ads banner are displayed on all post pages on the blog.


We offer cheapest advertising rates and our banner placement is billed per month (e.g. 4th June to 4th July).

For Advert Pricing Call: +234(0)8104039504 , Email: inout9ja(at)gmail(dot)com

Contact Us - CLICK HERE

We value and appreciate your business and look forward to even greater success together.

WARNING!! Please be careful of any fraudulent activities as non of our staffs will ask for your Bank details, mobile number, or any sensitive details from you.
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